DC1- SDCC- Ulcer risk stratification in high-risk patients with diabetes

Abhilasha Akerkar

DC2- SDCC- Diabetes distress and health literacy in foot ulcer development and self-care and interventions to improve outcome

DC3- AMC- Biomechanical factors in Charcot neuro-osteoarthropathy and deformity

Victoria Milbourne

DC4- AMC- From ulcer healing to remission: imaging and biomechanics of tissue properties in association with foot ulcer risk in diabetes

Alessandro Vicentini

My name is Alessandro, and I am a 26 years old PhD candidate coming from Venice, Italy.

I obtained a master degree in Sports Science and Physical Performance (2021) at the University of Verona in which I specialized in biomechanics, which is my main research interest.

I love music and sports, especially basketball and track and field. Long_Bio


Biomechanics, Soft Tissues, Injury Prevention

DC5- MUMC- Decreasing risk for developing diabetic foot ulceration with personalised feedback on daily physical activity

Touria Ahaouari

DC6- Novel- Smart wearable technology for long term pressure, adherence and activity monitoring

Onur Okcu

DC7- Novel- A state of the art and clinically applicable shear force measuring system

Ignacio Amat

 My background lies in the fields of Biomedicine and Electronic Systems Engineering with a keen
interest in their intersection as a means of advancing healthcare. I feel passionate about all things technology — from the lowest level
digital logic circuit FPGA implementations to higher level user space applications and their application in Medicine. Of particular interest
are Free Open Source Software, tools, and projects. Long_Bio


Bioinformatics,  Digital Logic, Medical Technology

DC8- UNIBO- From healing to remission: offloading in the transition phase to permanent footwear

Kamran Shakir

DC9- UNIBO- The best factory-made shoe for the moderate to high-risk diabetic patient

Hadi Sarlak

I am a Ph.D. candidate with a master’s degree in International Community Health from the University of Oslo. My focus at NTNU was on human movement science and I am interested in movement biomechanics, data, and translational research. Currently, at the University of Bologna, I’m dedicated to contributing to diabetic foot prevention through innovative research methods. Long_Bio


Diabetic footwear, biomechanics, movement science

DC10- AMC- Data-driven optimisation of custom-made footwear for the high-risk person with diabetes

Isabella Gigante

My name is Isabella Gigante, I am a Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist, and I have a Master’s in Health Science. I am passionated about improving human health, specifically to decrease the global issue of diabetic foot by implementing a transdisciplinary perspective and by having the patient’s wishes and needs in focus. Long_Bio


diabetes related foot ulcers, footwear, foot ulcer prevention

DC11- GCU- Offloading with additive manufactured insoles using optimally tested designs