Long Bio_Ignacio

During my Bachelors and Masters Degrees I have acquired knowledge and experience, as well as developed an interest in the fields of Computer Science, Signal Analysis, Information Systems, Biomedical Image Analysis and Machine Learning. I look forward to applying and expanding my knowledge with my fellow Doctoral Candidates at the DIALECT project.

Successfully completed past projects have involved developing and programming systems for the registration and segmentation of medical images for Anatomical Analysis, as well as automatically processing functional, diffusion and perfusion MRIs for Physiological Analysis.

Experience gained with hardware projects includes the design and implementation of a Printed Circuit Board for a smart watch prototype with a wide array of sensors and the programming the C language software required using a real time embedded operating system. A high level of insight has been developed by defining low level digital logic architectures for signal processing in my past working experience as an FPGA Engineer in the Aerospace and Defense sector.