AMC -people

Prof. Sicco Bus

Prof. dr. Sicco Bus, PhD is a human movement scientist and professor of clinical biomechanics and works at the Department of Rehabilitation medicine with a research focus on the lower-extremity biomechanics of diabetic foot disease and injury prevention. He has acquired research grants, has led multiple multicentre nationwide trials on the diabetic foot, and has participated in EU projects. Bus has completed project management training, organizes multiple national conferences each year, is chair of the prevention and offloading working groups and sits on the editorial board of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) that is tasked with writing clinical guidelines. Sicco is the main applicant and project coordinator for DIALECT

Dr. Jaap van Netten

Dr. Jaap van Netten, PhD, is a human movement scientist, working as senior researcher and academic clinician in Amsterdam UMC. His research focus is on the interplay between biomechanics and behaviour in the prevention of foot ulcers and amputation. This includes real-life and laboratory gait and activity analyses, communication strategies, footwear optimization and e-health solutions for disease detection and behaviour changes. Long Bio

Tessa Busch

Tessa Busch-Westbroek, MD is a rehabilitation physician at the Department of Rehabilitation medicine of Amsterdam UMC, location AMC and her research focuses on treatment and prevention of diabetic foot ulcers and Charcot Neuro-osteoarthropathy through custom orthopedic footwear and antibody treatment. Tessa had >20 years clinical experience in diabetic foot practice. Long Bio

Prof. Mario Maas

Prof. dr. Mario Maas, MD is professor of radiology specializing in musculoskeletal radiology with a focus on the development and valorization of imaging biomarkers. He also is involved in education innovation through the Dutch Society of Radiology and the European Society of Radiology and European School of Radiology.

Support staff

Don van Velzen is the financial manager of DIALECT and part of the Administration Centre. He will support the coordinator with the financial management of DIALECT and the execution of payments to the beneficiaries.

Laurian Jongejan studied (molecular) Biology and did a PhD in plant virology after which she worked in the area of food allergy as a postdoc for quite some time in several EU funder (framework 5,6,7) projects. After this she switched gears and became an (EU) project manager, currently with a portfolio of 3 ITN/DN projects, 1 COST action, 1 COFUND and 3 RIA projects. She will act as a project manager for DIALECT as well, providing support in any way she can..;-).