DIALECT consists of six work packages: three on research, one on training, one on management, and one on dissemination. See below table for specifications of the work packages. Click on the work package for more information.

WP No.WP NameLead beneficiaryActivity typeWP LeaderResearcher involvement
WP1NavigateAMCManagementProf. dr. Sicco BusAll
WP2TrainUMTrainingProf. dr. Hans SavelbergAll
WP3ModelSDCCResearchProf. dr. Kirsten LomborgDC1-4
WP4MeasureNOVResearchDr. Axel KalpenDC5-7
WP5MakeUNIBOResearchProf. dr. Lisa BertiDC8-11
WP6ShareAMCDisseminationDr. Jaap van NettenAll

The three scientific workpackages and their interplay are shown in the following diagram: