DIALECT Mid-term review

After the Training school November 21-23, November 24th and 25th 2023 the DIALECT network had its mid-term review and consortium meeting at the Steno Diabetes Center in Copenhagen. The agenda can be found here. After an Introduction from our Project Officer (PO) from Brussels, Helena Magliarelli, we proceeded with a coordinators report of the first year of DIALECT. After a coffee break we proceeded with a quick introduction of all beneficiaries and then the DCs presented their plans and first results. In the afternoon there was a session for the DCs with the PO and for the rest of the consortium for some practical issues. We ended the day with a first feedback session from the PO, who was, as we are, very positive about the quality of the candidates, the commitment of everybody to the project, and the positive vibe. A big thank you to all those involved, but most of all the organisers of the meeting at SDCC!!!