AP5. Firefly (FFE)

Firefly Orthoses have been designing, manufacturing and distributing custom made foot orthoses to the Podiatric profession since 2003. As Firefly is directed and operated by Podiatrists, to meet the needs of the Podiatric profession, our laboratory consistently achieves excellence in the standard of our devices. We manufacture orthotic devices from plaster cast moulds, bio foam impressions and digital foot scans. We offer a wide range of products to our Irish and UK customers and are the exclusive distributor of the Richie Brace ankle foot orthosis for the UK and Ireland. As the industry leaders, Firefly have acquired a wealth of knowledge through our involvement in research projects such as the A-FOOTPRINT project and Firefly’s own Podiatric Biomechanic Symposiums and more recently Sept 2017 saw 200 delegates (primarily UK) attend Firefly’s Summit.