Giulia Rogati

Giulia is a biomedical engineer, graduated from La Sapienza University of Rome with a thesis on the validation of a novel 3D foot scanner and the development of a custom software for 3D imaging analysis. She has been working as a researcher at the Movement Analysis Laboratory of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute since 2019, with particular focus on the morphology and biomechanics of the foot. She has been conducting research studies on several foot pathologies – i.e. adult acquired flat foot, drop-foot, diabetic foot, hallux valgus – and in the customization of orthotic insoles and Ankle-Foot-Orthoses. She has large experience in instruments for gait analysis, such as force and pressure plates, motion cameras and pressure insoles along with good skills in programming and analysis of large biomedical dataset (Matlab). She has helped to develop and validate a novel 3D body scanning device based on the Microsoft Kinect sensor and has written codes for the automatic geometrical measurement of the 3D scans of the foot. She has also experience with different commercial software for the segmentation and 3D modelling of anatomical parts from medical images (Disior, Mimics, Geomagic Control, etc.). She is a very dynamic person and loves outdoor activities, such as walking and hiking. She plays in a women football team (HSL – Le Leonesse), which is actively involved in the fight against racism and sexism. She supports human rights and has been an Amnesty International activist since 2010. She loves listening to good music and attending live concerts.


Foot; biomechanics; orthosis; footwear; Ankle-Foot-Orthosis; gait analysis; plantar pressure.