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Dr. Ruth Barn

Dr. Ruth Barn is an expert in podiatry and foot and ankle biomechanics. She leads on developing personal effectiveness training and has extensive experience in STEM training for females. Dr Ruth Barn is a Senior Lecturer and the Professional Lead for Podiatry at Glasgow Caledonian University. Ruth was funded on a prestigious Arthritis Research UK AHP Fellowship from 2008-2011 to undertake her PhD on a full time basis. Her research interests are in the effects of arthritis and diabetes on the foot and lower limb and she teaches on various clinical and academic podiatry modules including subjects such as: rheumatology, lower limb biomechanics, functional anatomy, gait analysis and research methods. Ruth is currently the year tutor for final year undergraduate podiatry students.

Prof. Patricia Munoz-Escalona is an expert in the area of materials engineering and manufacturing (surface engineering and additive manufacturing). She is a STEM Ambassador, and contributes on research impact and knowledge exchange activities.

Dr. Hurst, is an early career researcher with expertise in diabetic foot disease and data science. She will contribute to future work skills training, research impact and knowledge exchange activities.

Dr. Muditha Kulatunga

Dr. Muditha Kulatunga is an expert in structural analysis, finite element analysis, computer-aided design and manufacturing, and product optimisation. He leads a range of collaborative projects with a diverse group of manufacturing companies involving research and development, prototyping, and analysis.

Dr Gordon Hendry is a senior research fellow and podiatrist with expertise in foot and ankle biomechanics, clincal rehabilitation research, podiatry, and leads the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research for the Research Centre for Health. Dr Hendry has previously led on a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) product evaluation of 3D printed foot orthoses incorporating novel design rules (FEMan) and has undertaken various lab- and trial-based evaluations of foot orthoses in patient populations.