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Alice Chardon

My name is Alice Cardon. I come from France and am 22 years old. I began my academic journey by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Cell biology. I then chose to pursue a Master’s degree in Global Health from ISPED (France), to contribute to improving the health of vulnerable populations. Throughout my studies, I thrived in multidisciplinary environments, collaborating with researchers, clinicians, social scientists and patients among others. I actively engaged in research on infectious diseases, focusing on tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis B among children and pregnant women in Africa. I had the opportunity to participate in international research projects where I conducted mixed-methods studies. As doctoral candidate in the DIALECT project, I am thrilled to be part of a dynamic, international and rigorous research community. It is a privilege to contribute to improving the health of diabetic patients at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. My focus lies in improving the prevention and self-care for individuals at high risk of foot-ulcer development – a critical public health concern.