Long Bio_Kamran

My name is Kamran Shakir, and I am a trained mechanical engineer from India. Coming from the second most diabetic country in the world, I share a strong personal connection to the MSCA-ITN DIALECT project. My current research endeavors are focused towards advancing our understanding of the specific requirements for transition footwear and the offloading properties and durability of different outsole geometrical features, to develop high-quality footwear for the vulnerable high-risk patient after ulcer healing.
My bachelor’s at the Aligarh Muslim University, India allowed me to explore the breadth of Mechanical Engineering, where I worked on diverse engineering projects, from formula student cars to nuclear research for clean energy generation. My master’s training at the European Program of Excellence in Advanced Solid Mechanics (EMJMD-STRAINS) instilled in
me a love for biomechanics by fostering a culture of innovation and critical thinking. During my master’s I have performed research in countries like France, Poland, Switzerland, and Belgium and absorbed their teaching pedagogy. I flourish in multidisciplinary environments and inter-disciplinary collaboration brings out the best in me. A few of my recent research
projects were on the lines of bio-inspired engineering & soid robotics, 3D printing for biomedical applications, and medical imaging of surgical meshes for hernia repair.
On weekdays I am a doctoral candidate at the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute, University of Bologna, Italy. On weekends I am a co-founder at ‘MediCulture Initiative’, a start-up working for the betterment of healthcare in Europe. On race days, I am a fulltime Formula 1 tifosi.
Hobbies may or may not include culinary tours, poetry, and geek talks.