Long_Bio Niloofar

Niloofar Sedighi is a biomechanics researcher from Iran, passionate about advancing knowledge in the field of lower limb biomechanics. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and decided to use her knowledge of mechanical engineering to address the challenges in the healthcare world, by continuing her academic journey in biomechanics. She received her Master’s degree in Biomechanics from Shiraz University, where she developed expertise in human tissue structure, finite element analysis, and injury mechanisms.

During her master’s, Niloofar worked on her thesis titled “Finite Element Analysis of Human Knee Joint Injuries During Single-Leg Jump Landing.”  during which, MRI scans were used to generate 3D models of the knee joint, including all the bony structures and soft tissues, to inspect the injuries occurred during different landing scenarios through dynamic analysis. Niloofar is dedicated to contributing to research that has real-world applications and can make a difference in people’s lives.Driven by an unwavering ambition to expand her expertise and contribute further to the field, Niloofar is excited to embark on the next phase of her academic and professional journey, joining the esteemed DIALECT project, a groundbreaking program aimed at combatting diabetic foot disease, as a doctoral candidate. In this role, she is expanding her knowledge and skills to better understand the biomechanics of foot ulcers in diabetic patients and develop innovative solutions to prevent and treat diabetic foot ulcers by reducing elevated plantar pressures through customized footwear and insoles.