B6. Region Hovedstaden (Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen) (SDCC)

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC) is a diabetes center within the public authority of the Capital Region of Copenhagen. SDCC is the largest diabetes clinic in Scandinavia and treats each year more than 11,000 people with diabetes from the Capital Region. The ambition of SDCC is to improve the entire field of diabetes in the Capital Region, but also to contribute with inspiration and new knowledge nationally and internationally. SDCC is focused on clinical care, research and teaching and currently has more than 400 employees. The clinical staff in the center includes doctors, nurses, dieticians, patient coordinators, podiatrists and lab technicians. SDCC has one of the largest groups of researchers focusing on the psycho-social aspects of diabetes in Europe. In 2021, World Economic Forum’s Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare nominated SDCC as one of the best hospitals in the world in relation to developing a value-based healthcare system for the benefit of people with diabetes and other chronic diseases.