AP6. Taika (T3D)

Taika 3D is a Finnish SME based in Espoo working in the filed of computer assisted design (CAD) of bespoke orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) devices. The company is three years old and growing quickly. We employ 15 people in Finland and the UK. The business was formed out of the desire to accelerate the process of O&P design. With a growing demand for custom O&P devices, design time became a barrier to supplying custom devices for many of our customers. A revolutionary method for production was needed, taking into account speed and precision. This was the genesis of Taika 3D. We have >20 large industrial customers in Europe and North America.

Dr. Jari Pallari

Dr Jari Pallari is a Co-Founder of Taika3D, the world leader in design automation for bespoke orthotic and prosthetic products. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering, specifically in 3d printing. He has worked in the medical device industry for over 20 years in four countries. He has also been involved in several European framework projects, such as A-Footprint and KNEEMO. He is also a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University.

Keywords: 3d printing, additive manufacturing, orthotics, design automation, product development