AP6. Taika3D (T3D)

World Leaders in Design Automation for Custom Orthotics, Taika3D is committed to enabling the O&P industry unlock its potential to deliver exceptional product designs and ideas. The Taika3D end-to-end digital process brings the power of AI, 3D machine vision, and design automation to revolutionize custom orthotics design.

Headquartered in Finland, Taika3D is trusted globally by leading manufacturers to design thousands of custom orthotics every day.  The team of O&P software developers focus on delivering bespoke solutions to boost productivity and consistently deliver high-quality products to customers, while providing unlimited design choices for today’s orthotic device user. 

Dr. Jari Pallari

Dr Jari Pallari is a Co-Founder of Taika3D, the world leader in design automation for bespoke orthotic and prosthetic products. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering, specifically in 3d printing. He has worked in the medical device industry for over 20 years in four countries. He has also been involved in several European framework projects, such as A-Footprint and KNEEMO. He is also a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University.

Keywords: 3d printing, additive manufacturing, orthotics, design automation, product development