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Dr. Alberto Leardini

Dr. Alberto Leardini (DPhil): Director of the Movement Analysis Laboratory, with long experience on biomechanics of orthopaedic devices, current President of the International Society of Biomechanics. Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Orthopaedic Engineering at the University of Oxford. His initial research focused on methodological issues and clinical applications of human motion analysis. His interests evolved to three-dimensional videofluoroscopy, radiostereometry, and computer assisted surgery. He also made fundamental progresses on the mechanical modelling and prosthesis design of the ankle joint, and his original total ankle replacement is implanted with successful clinical and functional outcomes. He is now exploiting medical imaging, including modern weight-bearing CT, and additive manufacturing for custom-design of orthotics and implants in Orthopaedics.

Dr. Paolo Caravaggi

Dr. Paolo Caravaggi (PhD) is a Biomedical Engineer with a Ph.D. gained from the faculty of Health and Life Sciences of Liverpool University with a thesis on the biomechanics of the foot. Paolo has been working as researcher at Movement Analysis Laboratory of Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli since 2012. His focus is the biomechanics of the foot in different orthopedic diseases; lately he has contributed to the study of a large cohort of people with diabetic foot. Over the last few years, he has been working on designing and assessing a novel custom foot and ankle orthosis for drop-foot patients. He enjoys writing codes to process large data set from different instruments such as force and pressure plates, and motion data. In the spare time Paolo loves travelling and practicing sports … and aims to become a beach volleyball champion. Long_Bio

Giulia Rogati

Giulia Rogati is a Biomedical Engineer, graduated from La Sapienza University of Rome with a thesis on the validation of a novel 3D foot scanner and the development of a custom software for 3D imaging analysis. She has been working as a researcher at the Movement Analysis Laboratory of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute since 2019. Her main expertise is foot biomechanics, gait and plantar pressure data analysis and designing custom orthoses for the lower limb. In her spare time she loves playing football and listening to rock music. She is involved in humanitarian activities and has been an Amnesty International activist since 2010. Long_Bio